Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is it

It might not come as a surprise considering the amount of updates here has been none since early summer so we'll keep it short and simple - this is the end.

24:hrs started as a blog back in december 2005. Back then the idea was simple, to present music by artists and labels that we liked and hopefully some of the readers would get interested in and support.

There's been so many great memories and if someone would have said that to me when we started all this and played records together for the first time as 24:hrs soundsystem -someday you'll get the chance of playing with Carl Craig (Planet E/US), Maurice Fulton (Bubbletease Communications),  Hercules And Love Affair (DFA/NYC), House Of House (Whatever We Want/NYC), Øyvind Morken (Luna Flicks/NO), Pål Strangefruit (Mungolian Jet Set/NO), Tony Lionni (Ostgut Ton/Wave Music/DE), Spencer Parker (Rekids/Buzzin´ Fly/UK), Aeroplane (Eskimo/BE), Tensnake (Running Back/DE), The Revenge (IOR/GB), Gerd Janson (Running Back / DE), Hunee (Internasjonal/Retreat/DE), Downtown Party Network (Eskimo), Ray Mang, (DFA/Mangled/UK), In Flagranti (Codek/NY), My Cousin Roy (Wurst/NY), Eamon Harkin (Sunday Best/Mister Saturday Night/NY), Giles Smith (secretsundaze / UK), Serge Santiago (Arcobaleno/UK), Glass Candy (Italians Do It Better/US), Desire (Italians Do It Better/US), Gavin Russom (The Crystal Ark/DFA/NY), Motor City Drum Ensemble (Compost/Four Roses/DE), Mad Mats (Raw Fusion/G.A.M.M.), Simon Rigg (Phonica Records / UK), Tiger Stripes (Get Physical/Sounds/SWE), Felix Martin (Hot Chip) (DFA/UK), Rune Lindbaek (Smalltown Supersound/NO), James F!@#$%^ Friedman (Throne Of Blood/NYC), Bjørn Torske (Smalltown Supersound/NO), Coyote (Is It Balearic..?/UK), Pete Herbert (Eskimo/UK), Jay Shepheard (Compost/UK/DE), Cosmo Vitelli (I´M A Cliché/FRA), Kleerup (EMI/SE), Pilooski (Dirty/FRA), Rory Phillips (Durr/UK), Mo Morris (A Mountain Of One) (AMOO1/UK), Loud E (AMBASSADOR´S RECEPTION/NL), Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules And Love Affair) (DFA/UK), Runaway (DFA/NYC), Jacques Renault (Runaway) (DFA/NYC) L.S.B. (ESKIMO/UK/ES), Black Devil Disco Club (LO RECORDINGS/FRA), Dirty Sound System (DIRTY/FRA), Style of Eye (DIRTYBIRD/PICADOLL/SE), Sankt Goran (Bear Funk Gold/Solar Disco/SWE), JohnnyTooBad (Hermanos/SWE), Cazuma (Kurbits/The Eye/SWE), JayStarSeven (Sometimes/Puzzle/SWE), Diskjokke (FULL PUPP/NO), Jackpot (PV/SERVICE/SE), Lars Berger (Swedish Brandy/SWE), Mental Overdrive (FULL PUPP/NO), Vinny Villbass (I'm Single/NO/DE) Bogdan Irkük aka B.U.L.G.A.R.I (Rollerboys/BI), Speculator (AMONTILLADO/NYC), Unit 4 (AMONTILLADO/DE), Albion Venables (AMBASSADOR´S RECEPTION/SE), Kool DJ Dust (SERVICE/SE) Petter (BORDER COMMUNITY/SE)

- I would not believe them.

To make a list of all the people we'd like to thank is impossible, there's just too many fantastic persons to list. So, a big THANK YOU to all readers, dj's, producers, clubbers, supporters that inspired us to keep going on all these years.

All in all - it's been fantastic and we can't thank you enough for being part of this. We'll all continue with different projects now so perhaps you'll hear from us again.